There are a total of 5 types of levequests available in FFXVI at the moment. In the future there will probably be more kinds. The following leves are available. When completing one, you will be rewarded handsomely with EXP, Gil and a treasure. We mainly do this quests to gain gil. Other rewards can be fun too, but gil is the most fun to gain of course.

  • Battlecraft leves:

    These tasks can be accepted at the Disciples of War or Magic. The tasks may seem simple and easy, but can be though at the end. These type of quests require player to kill a specific type of opponent within a set timeframe. The objects may vary from time to time, as are the rewards.

  • Grand Company leves:

    Company guildleves are available to players once they’ve are accepted in a grand company. You can find these at company officers stations in multiple locations scattered over the world. You can undertake these solo.

  • Fieldcraft leves:

    Accept these leves at the Disciples of the Land. These are our favourite ones. You will always be rewarded with gil. Easy quests. You will be sent into the wilds to get the bounty and conduct surveys.

  • Tradecraft leves:

    Available if you are Disciples of the Hand. You must craft items to complete the quest. There are three types of tradecraft leves: Charity, constancy, ingenuity.

  • Tutorial leves:

    Low in reward, but good to get the hang of it. You must complete the tutorial before you can accept any of the above leves. You sometimes will be rewarded with some gil.

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