Comrades is the name of the new multiplayer edition of Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV is the fifteenth edition of the Final Fantasy series. It has been released a few days ago and there’s already a new update planned on December 12, 2017. Are you curious about this Comrades edition? Do you want to know more about the updates that are planned in December? Read this blog and find out!

The release of Comrades

On November 29, 2017 Comrades, the new multiplayer edition of Final Fantasy XV, was released. It should be released earlier but the release date was a bit later than planned. As a player you can create your own character in Comrades. With this character you can take part in different missions in the fifteenth Final Fantasy world. As a character, you are a member of the Kingsglaive. You can use your royal Sigils to use your power. You will have to fulfill the different missions with the other members of your team.

The different players in the story

This multiplayer edition takes place after chapter 13 in the game. As a player you’ll meet different characters you already know from the earlier chapters of the game. The base for you as a player of the game is Lestallum. From this place you can accept different missions.

A new update

In a new update of the multiplayer edition of Final Fantasy XV, it will be possible to play a character of the Noctis team, like Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis. On December 12, 2017 there will be a new update. There will be a new witch shop and time quests. You can also find new fixes and improvements in the game. It will be possible to raise a level and it will be easier to make progress in the game.

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