Farming gil in Final Fantasy is hard and a bit time-consuming. It is however not impossible to farm gil. One of the most gil-gaining options in the game are Guildleves. There are a lot of different types of leves. You can obtain a maximum of 16 leves at one time. All types of levequests will reward EXP, gil,. and appropriate treasure. In this article we focus on the guildleves and how to farm EXP and gil from it.

What are guildleves in FFXIV?

Guildleves are rectangular plates that are small. They are made of stained crystal and pictured in a frame of metal. Each plate represents a deed of one of Eorzea’s patrons. These patrons are also known as guardians. If you have to do a quest, some guilds will give you a plate. With a plate you can do anything you want. Even visiting the restricted area’s in the game and hunting on private property. One of the more fun things you can do while carrying a plate is talking and negotiate with enemies of certain states and cities. The guildleves are tasks that are given by the Adventurers guild. Every task is different.

Starting a quest

If you accept the guildleve, it will automatically start the levequest. You can only do one task at the time. Fishing, rafting and guildleves are the exception to this rule. Every 12 hours (real life time, not in-game time) you can earn three Leve Allowences (you can have a maximum of 100 at the same time). You can exchange thee for guildleves at levemetes.


By completing a quest, you will gain a massive amount of EXP and gil. That is why this is a very popular method for getting gil. You can also take a look at our homepage to see what online sellers can do for you. Buying gil is fairly cheap and easy. Also it is risk free.

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